Technical Advice

BER Ireland will advise you on the factors that most influence your Building Energy Rating and assist you in achieving  your target BER.

Factors that contribute to energy efficiency:

  • Materials used for construction of the dwelling.
  • Thermal insulation of the building fabric.
  • Ventilation characteristics of the dwelling.
  • Efficiency and control of the heating system.
  • Solar gains through openings.
  • Energy required for space and water heating, ventilation and lighting.
  • Renewable energy technologies.

See a sample list of information that you will need to make available for completion of your BER assessment.

Articles also presented on 'Building Professional Best Practice In Housing'.






Renewable Energy

You might need to differentiate between new and existing buildings
and different categories of buildings.

These requirements shall take account of general indoor climate conditions, in order to avoid possible negative effects such as inadequate ventilation, as well as local conditions and the designated function and
the age of the building.

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COMMERCIAL BER assessments for commercial buildings differ greatly to the already established domestic BER sector.

RESIDENTIAL BER Ireland offers a complete assessment allowing the client to avail of best practice energy saving advice.

AIR TIGHTNESS TESTING The aim of the air tightness testing is to reduce energy losses from the dwelling in the form of air leakage.

ENERGY AUDITING The energy audit will provide you with a specific report relating to your property which will address any weaknesses.