Residential BER Assessments

BER Ireland offers a complete assessment service, whereby we engage with the client at the earliest possible stage allowing the client to avail of best practice energy saving advice.

This ensures that homeowners are now taking into account such issues as boiler efficiency, heating controls, solar panel systems for hot water, cold bridging, air pressurisation, etc that are required to meet the recent update to the current building legislation in July 2008.

What info must the homeowner provide?
For a new dwelling we require a set of house plans, including the site plan and this completed questionnaire. The questionnaire gives us the information on the insulation, u-values, heating system, house orientation and other details which we require.

An alternative method is for our clients to provide the house plans and tell us what rating you would like to achieve and we will prepare a specification to suit your dwelling to achieve this rating. This must be done before building work commences.

For an existing dwelling contact us for an appointment and our assessor will visit your dwelling and obtain all the necessary information to prepare your BER certification during the site survey.

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How will the Directive affect the rented sector?

The EU Directive requires that a valid energy performance certificate be produced for all dwellings when they are rented out.

Building Energy Ratings will be valid for 10 years unless there is a change in the energy performance
in the property due to measures implemented in the interim.

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COMMERCIAL BER assessments for commercial buildings differ greatly to the already established domestic BER sector.

RESIDENTIAL BER Ireland offers a complete assessment allowing the client to avail of best practice energy saving advice.

AIR TIGHTNESS TESTING The aim of the air tightness testing is to reduce energy losses from the dwelling in the form of air leakage.

ENERGY AUDITING The energy audit will provide you with a specific report relating to your property which will address any weaknesses.